The Science of Success

Behind the Scenes at A Deeper Way

At A Deeper Way we're passionate about creating workplaces that thrive. We believe in the power of strong leadership and cohesive teams to achieve the outcomes you need. That's why we offer a unique blend of leadership development services designed to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

The Alchemy of Leadership

A Journey of Transformation

ADW was founded on the belief that psychology can be a powerful tool for positive change in the business world. Dr. Tim Johansson, our Chief Psychology Officer (CPO), brings his expertise in psychology to life, making complex concepts actionable and transformative for businesses. Aubree Johansson, our CEO, is a strategic leader with a passion for building strong relationships and fostering a people-centric culture. Together, they guide ADW's mission to impact a world of work where business metrics are met because people are valued, and have the skills to lead authentically with purpose.

What sets us apart

The ADW Difference

In a crowded field of leadership development companies, what makes A Deeper Way truly distinct? We bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based psychology, ensuring our strategies are not just trendy fads, but powerful tools with demonstrable results. ADW has developed tools that get to the heart of where your teams and leaders are stuck, so that we spend less time searching and more time on the solutions. We impact collaboration and team cohesion by increasing awareness and facilitating the development of the skills needed for sustaining connection, engagement, and performance

Data-driven approach

We leverage the science of psychology to create evidence-based solutions that get results.

Focus on

We take the time to discover your team’s unique needs and desired outcomes in order to move the dials that matter most.

Commitment to success

We partner with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes

Real people. Real results.

The Experts Guiding You on Your Leadership Path

We're not here to lecture, but to journey alongside you, helping you unlock your unique leadership voice and build a thriving workplace you can all be proud of.

Dr. Tim Johansson
Chief Psychology Officer (CPO)

Dr. Tim translates the complexities of psychology into practical tools for business success. He's an expert in psychometric assessment, coaching high-impact leaders, team development, and mental health in the workplace.

Aubree Johansson, MA
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aubree brings a strategic and people-centric approach to her role. She is passionate about building strong teams, fostering client relationships, and ensuring operational excellence.

Customer Testimonials

"ADW changed the trajectory of my life in the most positive way. As a Certified Facilitator, I am looking forward to helping others change their lives and the people they manage lives in the most positive way."

-ADW | Certification Seminar participant

"I began this journey to acquire additional professional skills, what I have received has been deeper and more transformational personally than I expected. ADW is more than a tool, it is a community of individuals who are seeking to improve and assist other individuals at finding their best. Ultimately, ADW has given me another source of feeling belonging and validation, for that I am grateful!"

-J, Kinsey, Independent Consultant & ADW | Certified Facilitator

"This seminar was great! I really enjoyed the information, breakouts and working with my cohorts. Both Dr. Tim and Aubree are amazing. I look forward to more discussions and learning more."

-Dr. R. Williams, Denton, TX PD & ADW | Certified Facilitator

"ADW Coaching sessions have helped me become grounded and increased my confidence in my role. Dr. Tim was working with me to bring forward my strengths to propel me into a C-Suite position. And, I am happy to report that I was just promoted to Chief Administrative Officer 2 weeks ago. A BIG thanks to all of you for the help and support!"

-C. Green, Northern Rockies, USA

"Grateful for the insight and growth that ADW has provided me personally and professionally. I feel as though I work with this content daily, trying to find the most effective way to work with my staff."

-B. H. COO, Minnesota

"This tool is excellent to use in life coaching and marriage counseling. I believe it could also be very helpful in addressing trauma in first responders, Tim and Aubree make a fantastic team. I felt welcomed and embraced into the ADW family / community."

-R.R., Dallas, TX

"I thoroughly enjoyed this development experience and feel it will be a very helpful tool and framework for me moving forward, once I figure out how to apply it to my future work. The unequivocal truth and that knowing and accepting yourself determines the level to which you can know and accept others were two statements that really stuck with me!"

-Executive Director, California

"The A Deeper Way certification program was a profound experience where I experienced shifts in my own perceptions of self and others and have pushed the boundaries of what I've known to be true. It allowed me to begin accepting the pieces of me I often question and encouraged me to push further. I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in exploring a deeper understanding of self and others."

- Executive Coach & ADW | Certified Facilitator, 2023 Cohort

(ADW | Working Session Participant) "My key take away is the self-awareness piece. Realizing and recognizing that it starts with me. If I am going to help others, I must first help my best self show up." J.J., Coach & Facilitator, North Carolina

-J.J., Coach & Facilitator, North Carolina

"Going through A Deeper Way's certified facilitator training was more than just preparing to coach others in this assessment. It was a deep learning experience for me personally in connecting to my authentic and true self, and practicing acceptance and belonging. Dr. Tim does a wonderful job making complex psychology concepts easily digestible for people in all industries, and prepare you to go out and take this important work to people in your personal and professional life."

Executive Leader & ADW | Certified Facilitator, 2021 Cohort

"I'm committing to reading the tenants every morning at work to start my day, and once per day attempting to work through the ADW conscious practices with an emotion. IE: Feel anxiety, recognize, re-route, reveal, realize."

Senior Leadership Team, Seattle

"Facilitating ADW is a lot less scary than I thought, it's an exploratory journey for both the participant and facilitator rather than me needing to explain or teach anything in particular.
Being in touch with my authentic, vulnerable self is essential to being able to help others through this experience.

- Executive & Organizational Coach, (Dr. Tim is my Coach and I see him as a key collaborative partner who understands my leaders and helps me help them!"

Evolve beyond,

grow together

We believe that every organization has the potential to create a more cohesive and successful workplace. If you're ready to take your team to the next level, contact us today to learn more about how ADW can help you achieve your goals.